About Us

Our homes are shrines to most of our favorite pastimes, and perfect hubs to indulge in our interests whenever we want, with ease and serenity. With full awareness of this notion, Lytmi creates smart-lighting solutions to take your domestic life moments to the next level. 

Light enhances our mood and perception of things, and at Lytmi, we interpret it as a powerful tool capable of unleashing the full potential of our passions. From watching movies to playing games, we make it increasingly easier to get top-notch entertainment experiences from the comfort of your own four walls. 

Our products are entirely designed around the user, and our intention is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to enjoy an even more fulfilling home-entertainment journey. Our dedicated team is constantly at work on a mission to align its passion for lighting to our customers’ need for it. Years of meticulous research have allowed us to perfect devices able of turning a cozy home evening into a spectacular domestic adventure, and our customers’ satisfaction is what keeps our motivation ablaze along the way. 

At Lytmi we believe in the power of emotions, and we take pride in shining a light on the things you love the most.