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Interactive mood lighting

Innovative LED lights for creating personalized atmospheres and enhance your home entertainment experience.

Create Your Immersive

Home Theater

Experience a new way of watching and immersing.


Tailor and shape your mood with these versatile light bars.


Get creative to place a strip of light that will boost your home space.


The Lytmi Experience

Whether it's game night, a cozy movie night, or just listening to your favorite music. Lytmi makes it easy to create a unique and personalized atmosphere that's right for you. Enjoy remarkable mood lighting.

Get More Out of Your

Lighting with Lytmi

The Pinnacle of Lighting and Coloring

Experience more colors ranging from 64-94 colors and awesome lighting effects for professional game play and brilliant visual entertainment.

Absolute Immersiveness

Be transported to another time, place and reality with Lytmi lights. Enjoy a truly immersive experience when you game, watch TV or when you sync the lights to your favorite music.

Installation Made Easy

No more difficult installation process. Stick the strips to the back of your TV. Connect HDMI cable to HDMI source: tv box/game console then connect the sync box and the light strip to the TV. Just three steps and you are all set.

Customize Your Mood

Create your own mood lighting with Lytmi Home App in millions of colors and shades. Find the perfect light that matches that perfect moment. Enjoy music and videos in different visual modes.